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How do I troubleshoot AvaTax issues in QuickBooks?


You have encountered AvaTax related issues and want to know how to troubleshoot them.




  • For almost any AvaTax related issue found in QuickBooks, the same troubleshooting steps would apply. 
    • First, log into QuickBooks.
    • On the Edit menu, click Preferences.
    • On the left in Preferences, click General, and on the right, clear the checkbox for Keep QuickBooks running for quick startups. Clearing this checkbox triggers Avalara AvaTax to start whenever QuickBooks starts.



  • Once you have unchecked that boc.
    • Close QuickBooks.
    • Open Window Task Manager.
    • On the Process tab, right-click any process that starts with QB, and then click End Process.
    • In the Start menu, right-click QuickBooks, and then click Run as administrator.



  • User Account Control dialog box will open
    •  click Yes.
    • Wait several minutes, and then on the File menu near the bottom, see if AvaTax.appears.
    • If AvaTax does not appear on the File menu, close QuickBooks.
    • Open QuickBooks again in the normal way (not as an administrator), and log into it.
    • Wait several minutes, and then see if on the File menu near the bottom, AvaTax appears. If it does not start, repeat steps 5 - 11.


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