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How do I resolve the QuickBooks error CB-331: The "BeginSession" method has not been called or it did not succeed."


I am getting the above error message and I need to resolve it


Quickbooks Desktop


  • This error can occur if you have multiple versions of QuickBooks running. 
  • It can be resolved by doing the following steps
    • Exit out of Quickbooks
      • Go to your Windows Task Manager and end all QuickBooks (QB, QBW, etc...) and AvaTax processes.
      • Then- right click on Quickbooks and select Run as Administrator
      • Login as the admin user
      • Go to File>AvaTax>AvaTax Configuration>Test Connection- click on the Test Connection button to make sure that your connection is still working.
      • If your connection is still good then you should be able to resume working in QuickBooks without the error.