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How do I add AvaTax to a new company profile in QuickBooks?


This document discusses how to add AvaTax to a new company profile in QuickBooks.




  • To add AvaTax to a new company profile in QuickBooks, do the following:
    • From the main file menu, click open company file.
    • A certificate appears immediately after the file opens, asking whether you want to run AvaTax with your company file > Select Yes, whenever this QuickBooks company file is open.
    • From the main file men, click AvaTax > Configuration.
    • On the connection tab of the configuration panel, click Edit and enter your company credentials.  
      • The url, account number, and license key will be the same as your primary company configuration.  
      • Only the company code needs to change (it is a free-form field, but must match exactly what is entered on the admin-console for the company code).
    • Click Test Connection to verify the credentials pass, then OK.
  • Your company is now mapped to AvaTax.