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Do we have to upgrade Avalara AvaTax when we upgrade QuickBooks?


You are planing on upgrading to the newest version of QuickBooks and you want to know if you need to also upgrade to a newer version of Avalara AvaTax.




  • Avalara AvaTax must be installed on every workstation which needs to use our service to calculate tax, re-install if the program is removed in the QuickBooks update process
  • Newer versions of Avalara AvaTax for QuickBooks are compatible with all newer versions of QuickBooks
    • An upgrade should not be needed, the Avalara software will continue working after upgrade
  • With each new version we add features and resolve any issues in the previous version, so upgrading to the newest Avalara AvaTax for QuickBooks version when you upgrade QuickBooks is recommended, even though it is not required

Next Steps

We recommend upgrading, even though it is not required, so you have the latest version with the most features: How do I upgrade my AvaTax for QuickBooks connector? 




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