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OpenCart orders have a different status with AvaTax enabled


Before AvaTax was enabled in Opencart, when a new order is placed, it begins with an order_status = 0 (new order). Once the payment is processed, the order status is changed to whatever the default is for the payment type used (in my case, "Processing").

When I enable AvaTax, any new order that is created has the order status initialized to the default ("Processing in this case") instead of 0. If I turn AvaTax back off, the program works as expected.


AvaTax for OpenCart


We do have some logic that is driving this behavior, and the reason for this is to ensure that the lifecycle on the AvaTax admin console for the transaction flows as expected. You are able to change this behavior, with the condition that you don't change the default payment status to "Complete".

To change the behavior of the status change, remove below condition from Avataxes.xml file around line number 1445:

//added for paypal checkout
{ $order_info["order_status_id"]=$order_status_id; }





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