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Why is the AvaTax Tax Code mapped in Netsuite not being sent?


In Netsuite a particular item is mapped to an AvaTax system code. Yet, the tax code "NT" is being sent to AvaTax instead.




  • While adding the lines to a new transaction in Netsuite, please view the "Tax" column.
    • If you would like the item to use the tax code that is mapped to it, please put a check in this field.
    • If you would like the item to be nontaxable, please leave this field empty
      • The tax code NT will be applied to the item line.
  • If you have done these options and the issue is still not resolved, please either delete the line and re-add it or create a whole new transaction. 

Note: These rules only apply if the tax schedule "AVATAX" has been selected on the header