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Why am I missing a tax code column in order to choose AvaTax on the line level in NetSuite?


You add an item to your invoice but there is no Tax Code column in order to select AVATAX from drop down. You only see a option for Tax which you have to check or uncheck.



NetSuite OneWorld


  • In NetSuite, ensure 'AVATAX' is selected as the Tax Item (Financial tab) on customer record.
  • In NetSuite, go to Setup > Accounting > Set Up Taxes
    • For United States, check the following 
      • Ensure Default Tax Code is set to AVATAX
      • Ensure Tax Code Lists Include is set to Tax Groups and Tax Codes
      • Ensure Per-Line Taxes on Transactions is checked
    • For Canada, ensure Default Tax Code is set to AVATAX-CAN
  • Click Save
  • Create a new Sales Order or Invoice (don't copy) to see the newly added Tax Code column on the line item.