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How do I use the reconciliation tool in AvaTax for Netsuite?


You are trying to use the reconciliation tool within AvaTax for NetSuite to identify what transaction may be different from within your NetSuite environment that what is shown in AvaTax


AvaTax for NetSuite

AvaTax for NetSuite OneWorld


  • Select Avalara>Reconciliation>Create Batch from the NetSuite navigation bar
  • Set the beginning and ending date of your search by using the STARTING DATE and ENDING DATE fields*
  • Provide a name for your search under the BATCH NAME field
  • Select the subsidiary you want to run the batch in**
  • Click Submit to start your reconciliation batch

Once your batch has been processed you can review your batches by selecting Avalara>Reconciliation>View Results.

You can view more information on which transactions require review in the Which transactions require review in NetSuite Reconciliation batch? help article.

*NetSuite currently allows up to 5,000 transactions to be displayed in a single search.  

**This option is only available in AvaTax for NetSuite OneWorld

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