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How do I prevent users from seeing “You do not have access to this functionality” errors when accessing Transaction Details from within the Avatax subtab on transactions?


When users go to view the AvaTax Tax Calculation results, the receive this error:

"You do not have access to this functionality. Contact the System Administrator"




  • Within the Avatax subtab on saved invoices, which have calculated tax using Avatax, the Avatax document code (Netsuite Internal ID) also acts as a hyper link to display the “get tax history” information for the transaction in question.


    • Custom roles do not default to having permission to custom script deployments and those roles need to be added to the deployment for this functionality.

    • If users are popping the error, “You do not have access to this functionality. Contact the System Administrator,” then permissions will need to be adjusted for the Avatax Script deployment “customdeploy_gettaxhistory”.

  • Navigate to the Script deployments menu by going to Customization> Scripting> Script Deployments
    • Click “edit” on the Script Deployment named “AVA_GetTaxHistory_Suitelet” (Deployment ID: customdeploy_gettaxhistory).
    • Navigate to the Parameter subtab, and enter the role ID of each role which will need permission. Separate  role IDs with commas.
    • Save and Exit