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How do I grant permissions to AvaTax menus to non Administrator roles?


You want non-administrator roles to have access to Avalara configuration or utilities. 



NetSuite OneWorld


Some older bundles may not support access or changes to these scripts. Update bundle to latest version before attempting to grant permission to the below scripts.

  • Identify the Internal ID of the role you want to add permissions for. You may identify the Internal ID by navigating to Setup > Users/Roles > Manage Roles
  • Navigate to Customization > Scripting > Script Deployments.
    • Under Filters, change Type to Suitelet.
    • Set Status to Released.
  • Repeat the following process for each script listed below. (NOTE: Some scripts may not have a parameters tab and just need to make sure the audience is set to include desired roles).
    • Click Edit.
    • Click the Audience tab.
    • Check the Select All checkbox for Roles.
    • Click the Parameters tab.
    • Add the Internal Id's of roles you wish to grant permissions to separated by commas.
    • Click Save.
  • Check Deployments For the Following Scripts:
    • AVA_AddressValidationBatch_Suitelet
    • AVA_AddressValidationResult_Suitelet
    • AVA_AddressValidation_Suitlet
    • AVA_Certificates_Suitelet
    • AVA_CommittedList_Suitlet
    • AVA_Config_Suitlet
    • AVA_Config_Wizard
    • AVA_DeleteReconcileBatches_Suitelet
    • AVA_EntityUseForm_Suitlet
    • AVA_EntityUseList_Suitlet
    • AVA_GetCertificatesStatus_Suitelet
    • AVA_GetCertificates_Suitelet
    • AVA_GetCertImage_Suitelet
    • AVA_GetTaxHistory_Suitelet
    • AVA_QuickAddressValidation_Suitlet
    • AVA_RecalculationBatches_Suitelet
    • AVA_RecalculationUtility_Suitelet
    • AVA_ReconcileResultList_Suitelet
    • AVA_ReconciliationResult_Suitelet
    • AVA_Reconciliation_Suitelet
    • AVA_RecordLoadFromClient
    • AVA_ShippingCodeForm_Suitlet
    • AVA_ShippingCodeList_Suitlet
    • AVA_TransactionList_Suitelet
    • AVA_TransactionLog_Suitelet
    • AVA_UseTaxCreateBatch_Suitlet
    • AVA_UseTaxViewBatches_Suitlet
    • AVA_VoidedList_Suitelet
  • Navigate to Customization > Center and Tabs > Center Tabs.
  • For the name Avalara for the Accounting Center, click Edit.
  • In the Center drop-down menu, select an unused Center (any center will do that is not Classic or Accounting).
  • Click Save.
  • Navigate to Customization > Center and Tabs > Center Tabs.
  • For the name Avalara for the Classic Center, click Edit.
  • In the Center drop-down menu, select All.
  • Under the Audience tab, check the Select All checkbox for Roles.
  • Click Save.
  • Switch to your custom role.
  • Confirm the AvaTax tab is visible and all links and utilities work for the user.  

Next steps

For more information, read the NetSuite user guide.

How Do I Adjust Permissions in Netsuite?



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