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How do I grant permissions to AvaTax menus to non Administrator roles?


You want non-administrator roles to have access to Avalara configuration or utilities. 



NetSuite OneWorld


  • Identify the Internal ID of the role you want to add permissions for. You may identify the Internal ID by navigating to Setup > Users/Roles > Manage Roles
  • Navigate to Customization > Scripting > Script Deployments.
    • Under Filters, change Type to Suitelet.
    • Set Status to Released.
  • Repeat the following process for each script listed below (NOTE: Some scripts may not have a parameters tab and just need to make sure the audience is set to include desired roles).
    • Click Edit.
    • Click the Parameters tab.
    •  Add the Internal Id's of roles you wish to grant permissions to separated by commas.
    • Click Save.
  • Check Deployments For the Following Scripts:
    • AVA_AddressValidationBatch_Suitelet
    • AVA_AddressValidationResult_Suitelet
    • AVA_AddressValidation_Suitlet
    • AVA_Certificates_Suitelet
    • AVA_CommittedList_Suitlet
    • AVA_Config_Suitlet
    • AVA_Config_Wizard
    • AVA_DeleteReconcileBatches_Suitelet
    • AVA_EntityUseForm_Suitlet
    • AVA_EntityUseList_Suitlet
    • AVA_GetCertificatesStatus_Suitelet
    • AVA_GetCertificates_Suitelet
    • AVA_GetCertImage_Suitelet
    • AVA_GetTaxHistory_Suitelet
    • AVA_QuickAddressValidation_Suitlet
    • AVA_RecalculationBatches_Suitelet
    • AVA_RecalculationUtility_Suitelet
    • AVA_ReconcileResultList_Suitelet
    • AVA_ReconciliationResult_Suitelet
    • AVA_Reconciliation_Suitelet
    • AVA_RecordLoadFromClient
    • AVA_ShippingCodeForm_Suitlet
    • AVA_ShippingCodeList_Suitlet
    • AVA_TransactionList_Suitelet
    • AVA_TransactionLog_Suitelet
    • AVA_UseTaxCreateBatch_Suitlet
    • AVA_UseTaxViewBatches_Suitlet
    • AVA_VoidedList_Suitelet
  • Navigate to Customization > Center and Tabs > Center Tabs.
  • For the AvaTax Center Tab for the Accounting Center, click Edit.
  • In the Center drop-down menu, select an unused Center (any center will do that is not Classic or Accounting).
  • Click Save.
  • Navigate to Customization > Center and Tabs > Center Tabs.
  • For the AvaTax Center Tab for the Classic Center, click Edit.
  • In the Center drop-down menu, select All.
  • Under the Audience tab, check the Select All checkbox.
  • Click Save.
  • Switch to your custom role.
  • Confirm the AvaTax tab is visible and all links and utilities work for the user.  

Next steps

For more information, read the NetSuite user guide.



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