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How do I expose the AvaTax Tax Code on an invoice at the line level in NetSuite?


When creating invoices and you need to set the AvaTax Tax Code on the invoices at the line level it does not display by default.


NetSuite OneWorld


  1. Change the field to not be hidden:
    1. Navigate to Customization > List, Records, and Fields -> Transaction Column Fields
    2. Click the field TaxCode Mapping
    3. Click the Display tab
    4. Set the display type to normal
    5. Save the form
  2. Ensure the field is exposed on the transaction form you are using:
    1. Navigate to a recent transaction
    2. From the Customize menu in the blue bar at the top of the transaction, select customize form
    3. Click the Screen Fields tab
    4. Click the Columns sub-tab
    5. Find the TaxCode Mapping field and ensure the checkbox for show is checked
    6. Save the form