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How do I allow non-Administrator roles to access the CertCapture buttons in NetSuite?


You would like to allow non-Administrator roles access the CertCapture buttons in NetSuite.  


NetSuite Basic
NetSuite OneWorld

Avalara CertCapture


  • Identify the ID of the user role by navigating to Setup > Integration > Web Services Preferences

    • Add the name of the user and the web services default role you wish to apply to that user.  

      • Look to the far right column and document the role ID

  • Navigate to Customization > Scripting > Script Deployments 

    • Change filter type to Suitelet

    • Set Status to Released 

  • Select each of the following scripts and click Edit

    • AVA_GetCertificatesStatus_Suitelet

    • AVA_GetCertificates_Suitelet

    • AVA_GetCertImage_Suitelet

  • Click the Parameters tab 

    • Add the role IDs, each separated by comma, and Save

    • Highlight the name of the custom role and Administrator in the list of roles on the Audience tab and Save.

  • Do this for each of the 3 scripts.

Note: These changes will not persist across bundle updates unless you explicitly set "Do Not Update Deployments" for each script in the Suitelet section of the Preview Bundle Update.


  • Navigate to Customization > Scripting > Scripts
    • Filter by Type 'User Event'
    • Click "View" hyperlink for 'AVA_Customer_Certs' script (Do open in "Edit" mode)
    • Navigate to Deployment tab, click on 'Customer' hyperlink
    • Click Edit on the page 
    • Under 'Audience' tab select 'All Roles' checkbox and Save settings


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