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How can I send Finance Charges from Netsuite OneWorld to AvaTax?


You're trying to send your Finance Charges from Netsuite OneWorld to AvaTax


Netsuite OneWorld



  • In Netsuite, go to Setup -> Accounting -> Finance Charge Preferences
  • Add AVATAX as the tax code item
  • Save
  • Create a Finance Charge: Transactions -> Customers -> Assess Finance Charges
  • Edit the Finance Charge Invoice
  • Hit Calculate Tax
    • For this, you can opt to have the line level Tax Code set to Not Taxable, to have no taxes calculate, or have it set to AVATAX, to apply the taxability profile from your admin console. Both of these options will create a transaction in AvaTax. 
  • Save

If you need special taxability, you'll need to create a mapped item on your AvaTax admin console that matches what's being sent from Netsuite. This item may be listed as FinChrg.