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How can I prevent Amazon orders from calculating tax when importing from NetSuite?


You want to prevent your Amazon orders which already have tax from calculating double tax when importing into AvaTax from NetSuite.  




  • To have Amazon NetSuite transactions not entered into the Admin Console.  You need to associate the tax item to anything other than AVATAX or -Not Taxable-. This will prevent the transaction from being sent to AvaTax from NetSuite.
  • For example, you can create your own tax code like "AMZ-EXTR". Next, set the tax item to 'AMZ-EXTR' on customer record (Financial tab). This will prevent the AvaTax/NetSuite integration from calculating tax.  If the 'Tax Item' field is blank, the default tax code from the Avalara configuration will be used.  
  • To create a tax code in NetSuite, go to Setup > Accounting > Tax Codes > New.