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How can I make all items nontaxable for a specific customer in Netsuite?


In Netsuite, you would like to make all items nontaxable for a specific customer.




  • On the NetSuite toolbar, on the Lists menu, point to Relationships and then click Customers.
  • In the Customers pane, under Edit next to the customer's name, click Edit.
  • On the Relationships toolbar, click Financial.
  • In the Account Information pane, at the lower left, click TAXABLE. (However, if you've enabled the Enable Per Line Taxes on Transaction feature, the TAXABLE checkbox is not visible on the transaction level because it is controlled directly from the customer card).
  • Under TAX ITEM, select -Not Taxable-, and at the bottom left, click Save.

Note: This will make all items for this customer come to Avalara using the tax code NT.