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How Do I Adjust Permissions in Netsuite


After completing this how-to you will have a quick and easy method to update permissions in Netsuite.

Step One

Hover over Customization, then hover over Scripting, then click Scripts.


Step Two

Click Filters. After choosing filters you will see a list of Avalara Scripts.


Type: Suitelet

API Version: All

Script File: All

From Bundle: 2471


Step Three

Click Edit. From Edit Script page, click Deployments, then click the AvaTax item


Step Four

Click Edit, then click Audience and choose the Audience that should have access to the script.


Step Four (a

Then you will need to locate the internal ID; hover over Setup, then hover over Users/Roles, then click Manage Roles.


Step Five

Click parameters (where applicable, not all scripts have parameters) and add Role's internal ID. For multiple users use a comma and add additional user's internal ID.



Now all selected roles will have access to the section configured.