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Do international transactions need to use a different tax item other than AVATAX in NetSuite?


You need to know which Tax Item (Financial tab) on customer record to use for International orders.


NetSuite Basic

NetSuite OneWorld


  • Just as you have to set up a tax code for US and Canada. You have to set a tax code for other countries such as Germany, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Australia, etc.
  • For example, if invoicing a customer in Germany, create a tax code 'AVATAX-DE'. For Australia, create tax code 'AVATAX-AUS'.
    • See Next Steps below.
  • Once the tax code is created, update the Tax Item field on the customer record with the appropriate tax code.

Note: For NetSuite OneWord, if you ship to addresses in other states/provinces/countires, ensure Nexus is added under the Subsidiary's nexus. Go to 'Setup' > 'Company' > 'Subsidiaries'. 

Next steps 

For more information, see Create a tax code in US & Create a tax code in Canada.