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Can brick and mortar transactions be kept separate from eCom transactions in Netsuite?


The transactions from brick and mortar sales need to be kept separate from the eCom sales in Netsuite. The eCom sales need to use AvaTax, and the brick and mortar sales need to not use AvaTax.




  • The AvaTax for Netsuite integration is not designed to handle this scenario, without some additional setup and considerations:
  • AvaTax will calculate on any transaction that uses the AvaTax tax item.
    • As long as the customers for brick and mortar and eCom are not shared, the customer records can be set to the appropriate tax item.
    • If using Netsuite OneWorld, this can be made easier if the eCom sales are in a separate subsidiary. AvaTax can simply not be set to function for the appropriate subsidiary.