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Why I am seeing "Jurisdictions without a Filing Calendar: xxx missing forms" ?


You reviewed your Filing Calendars and see several forms listed under "Jurisdictions without a Filing Calendar: xxx missing forms".


Avalara Returns 


  • The way the Jurisdictions without a Filing Calendar section works is it compares your Active Filing Calendars to your Nexus settings 

    • This field is more of a suggestion of more returns Avalara can file for you - nothing listed under Jurisdictions Without a Filing Calendar will impact your tax calculation, current return filings, nor your Department of Revenue and/or AvaTax account.

  • If you would like Avalara to file the suggested returns, you may click the blue plus icon to add the filing calendar

  • If you do not want Avalara to file the suggested returns, you may ignore the recommendation

  • If there are transactions in those jurisdictions (even if all non-taxable), the jurisdictions will be identified as 'missing'

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