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Is there a report showing all tax liability that has not been remitted?


You would like to see which jurisdictions have tax collected, but have not been filed by Avalara


Avalara AvaTax

Avalara Returns


  • At this time, there is no report for unlocked transactions 
    • The only way to view them is to view the Transactions tab 
      • The transactions not included in a return filing will NOT have a Padlock icon
      • The transactions included in a return filing will have a Padlock icon on the far right
  • If you would like to see only the jurisdictions that have not had tax remitted on a return, you may run one of two reports
    • Reports > Liability Worksheet Exports
      • Choose the Liability Worksheet State Summary or the Liability Worksheet Return Detail report
    • Please note these reports can only be run by current Returns customers and can only be run one month at a time
    • You will need to generate one or more reports and combine the spreadsheets in Excel to see the tax not remitted for a period of time
      • Avalara Technical Support cannot assist in combining the spreadsheets in Excel