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Why do we keep discrepancy notices from Avalara?


You have received multiple discrepancy notices from Avalara saying there is a discrepancy between the type of tax collected and the type of tax selected for filing.


Avalara Returns


  • The type of tax that is possible to file in the form you have selected for Avalara to file does not match the type of tax you have seleced to collect, you must correct the form or the tax type based on your registration with the tax jurisdiction (state, county, city, etc.)
    • To change the tax type:
      • Go to OrganizationSelect company Nexus  > Select Jurisdiction > Change the tax type to Sales or Sellers Use tax or Sales Tax (depending on correction)
    • To change the form:
      • Go to Tax Returns > Filing Calendar > Click the form to edit it > Select Expire > Add the correct form