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Why is my certificate not syncing to the admin console after I have clicked "Queue API Resend" in CertCapture?


You have a certificate that is not syncing with the admin console and you have already clicked "Queue API Resend".


Avalara CertCapture


  • Depending on total number of certificates being sent between the two accounts, it may take some time to transfer all certificates. Most certificates are synced within minutes
  • The issue could be that there was an error, the certificate does not match your expectation (needs to be edited), or the update is in queue and has not been completed in the Admin Console
  • Check the "History" tab on the certificate in CertCapture for a Success or Failure with today's date:
    • Error: You see "API call initiated for certificate: Failure"
      • Correct the issues associated with that error.
    • Certificate needs to be edited: You see "API call initiated for certificate: Success"
      • The update is complete and the Admin Console certificate records reflects the current state of the certificate
      • If the certificate in the Admin Console does not match your expectation, review the Certificate in CertCapture to determine the required change
    • Update in Queue: You do not see an API call in History, the queued update has not yet been completed, this is likely due to slower than normal processing
      • We recommend checking back in about 15 minutes
      • The more certificate updates made in your account, the longer processing can take.
        • Please do not click Queue API Resend again
        • Once an update is queued it is in line to process, no further action is needed on your part, queuing additional updates slows processing new updates to be made
      • The more certificates updated/queued at once, the longer the record update in History takes to show confirmation

Note: When you save an update to a Certificate in CertCapture (edit on the certificate record) the update for the Admin Console is queued automatically. There is no need to click Queue API Resend to trigger an update, clicking Queue API Resend causes an extra send to the Admin Console that is unneeded.