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Why can I not see transactions in the admin console?


You are trying to view transactions on the Transactions tab but no transactions are showing.


Avalara AvaTax


  • Change your search parameters to include a wider range of transactions to ensure that there are transactions in the account:
    • Double click on Doc CodeCust/Vendor Code, and Batch Code boxes, then delete any information there
    • Change Doc Type,  and Doc Status to All
    • Change Date Type to Document
    • Change date range to include a longer time period, suggest adding at least a month
    • Click the magnifying glass icon (on far right, may need to scroll over to it) or hit Enter to see results
  • When you get the search results, review to see if the transactions you were expecting are in the account with different information than expected, like a different date, document type, or status and make corrections if needed


Note: If no transactions appear, change date range to the previous month and change date type to Status, this will show if anything has been added to the account in recent time. If no transactions show in the account, please contact for further diagnostic assistance.