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Why can't I enter my prepayments on the liability worksheet?


I am trying to enter my prepayments on the liability worksheet, but it won't let me type in the amount.


Avalara Returns



  • Click the Tax Returns tab
    • Go to the return line in question and next to the state abbreviation click the arrow > to expand the return line
  • To enter a prepayment on the liability worksheet, you should be able to go to the hyperlink below Remit to Avalara  and enter the amount there.
  • If you are unable to enter the prepayment amount, it may be because the liability worksheet has not yet been built for the period in question.
    • If you are trying to enter a prepayment for Q4 for instance, you will not be able to do so until January 1.

Next steps

For more information, read vendor discounts and credits.


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