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Why are two invoices sent to same address taxed at different rates?


You have two invoices that have the same date, same destination and origin address, and the same customer, but the tax rates on each invoice is different.


Avalara AvaTax


  • It is not possible to have two identical invoices completed with the same account settings result in different tax, compare the invoices side by side in the Admin Console:
    • Are the tax codes the same?
    • Does one invoice list an exemption?
    • Does one invoice have a different Tax Calculation date?
    • Is one item value much higher or lower than the others (Some states such as FL and TN have different rates based on price)?
    • Are the Origin and Destination Addresses the same on both invoices?
  • Finally, click Edit on one invoice > Calculate and see if the tax rate changes.
    • If someone changed Nexus or item mapping after the first invoice was processed, the tax results could be different.