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What is the best practice for upgrading from Sales Tax II v5.0 to v5.6?


I am upgrading SalesTaxII from v5 to v5.6




Assuming that your test and dev applications are on the same box, then the best way to install 5.5 is as follows;


  1. Restore the SV55 library to your System i.
  2. Add SV55 to your test library list (replacing whatever v5.0 library you had there). 
  3. Follow the upgrade instructions that provided by Avalara (i.e. convert version 5.0 data, modify the connector etc.)
  4. Configure and test the new SV55 installation
  5. When ready to go live follow the steps in the guide to perform a final conversion of your data from your v5.0 system to the new v5.5.
  6. Make a copy of the SV55 library to say SV55TEST. This will become your new test library and you should change the test library list to use this.
  7. Change the data area called STIILIB in SV55TEST to have that library name (or any other that you selected) in it.
  8. Change your production library list to have SV55 instead of SV5. You are now live in production.