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What are the commodity codes in SalesTaxII?


I need to know the commodity codes in SalesTaxII. 




BR -will appear after Alaska or New York City Boroughs
CO -will appear after all county names
FC -identifies Food For Home Consumption Rates-Candy Overrides
FH -identifies Food For Home Consumption Rates
FR -is used to trigger freight tax/no tax decision
HS -identifies home rule tax in Georgia.
LB -is used to trigger Labor tax/no tax decision
LT -identifies local tax #2 in Georgia.
MD-identifies Medical Products rates
PA -will appear after all Louisiana Parishes
PM -will appear in every Production Machinery rate
PR -will appear after all Canadian province names
RN -will appear in every Rental rate description
SB -will appear in every Louisiana School Board rate description
SD -will identify school district tax in most states.
SP -will appear in every SPD rate description (Texas)
TR -will appear in every transit rate description
UN -will appear in every Unincorporated city rate description
UP -will appear in every Production Machinery rate description for unincorporated areas of a city.





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