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How do I resolve the error: An exact street name match could not be found?


You are seeing the error "An exact street name match could not be found and phonetically matching the street name resulted in either no matches or matches to more than one street name." on some transactions and want to know how to resolve it.


Avalara AvaTax


  • Update the address to one that exactly matches the street name, or is closer to it:
    • Example "Seventh" is not recognized as "7th" and "W. Sharp Shooter Way"  would not be recognized as "Sharpshooter Way West"  because they are too dissimilar.
    • In some cities particular blocks of a street may have a different name:
      • Example "7th Ave." in Manhattan, NY is known as Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Boulevard, Varick Street, and Fashion Avenue in different blocks.
    • When in doubt, check the address online to find the actual spelling of the street name
  • For Imports with addresses in a zip code which starts with a zero, put an apostrophe  in front of the zero (text format)
  • Make sure all lines of the address are completed: Street Address, City, State, Zipcode, Country
    • The State and Country must be entered according to the approved JurisCodes
  • If the address cannot be corrected, list "General Delivery" on Line 2 (or at end of Line 1) or leave blank to use the zip code to obtain tax
    • You must include an accurate Zip Code and Region, or this will kick back the following error:
      • NonDeliverableAddressError The address is not deliverable. The physical location exists but there are no homes on this street. One reason might be railroad tracks or rivers running alongside this street, as they would prevent construction of homes in this location."
    • We will return tax for the postal (zip) codenot the specific street address, using the General Delivery area
  • To ensure the address is added to our database as soon as possible, send it to, include:
    • Full street address (House number, street, City, State/Province, Zip/Postal code)
    • Image of location from online map (Google, Bing, MapQuest, etc.) showing the physical location pinpoint
    • General Delivery will no longer be needed once the address is added to our system
  • We will review the provided information and update our database if possible, if it is not possible to update our database we will provide specific next steps



Note: If the address is not valid with the USPS service, then we are unable to validate the address as well since Avalara uses their database. You can check this by going to their website and entering in the address you are receiving errors for.