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How do I automate SalesTaxII monthly rate updates?


I would like to automate SalesTaxII month end rate updates.




  • create a CL program with the following logic:
    1)      Ensure SV55 is in your library list.
    2)      Clear SV55/UPDPKG
    3)      Invoke the FTPISP command to get the latest UPDPKG from your download location.
    4)      Do a RTVMBRD on SV55/UPDGPKG and check the NBRCURRCD parameter
    5)      If NBRCURRCD >  0 then CALL ‘APYTAXUPD’ to update the rates
  • Add this program to your job scheduler. We recommend that you run it on the last day of the month to ensure that we have delivered your rates package.





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