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How Can Syteline Send Transactions to the Admin Console as Committed?


Your transactions in Infor Syteline are coming over to the admin console as uncommitted and you would like to commit them from Syteline.


Infor Syteline


  • You will want to use the Tax Register Posting Utility
  • The Tax Register Posting utility uses data that is collected during order invoicing to post tax data to the tax software. Set up this utility to run on a regular basis.
    • Note: If possible, run it at least once a day to prevent data synchronization issues. For instance, if a customer order invoice is processed and an exemption is created or rates are altered without having run the Tax Register Posting utility, the tax information must be manually manipulated and fixed.
  • To set up the utility to run as a background process:
    • In the utility form, clear the starting and ending dates of the register, so that all invoices, regardless of process date, are considered.
    • Select Actions > Background.
    • Specify how often to run the utility.
      • Note: For more information, see the online help for the Background Queue form.
    • The utility task (Taskname = SSSVTXPostRegister) is displayed on the Active Background Tasks form. 
  • The Tax System Interface Configuration Guide for Infor Syteline can be found here.