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How do I disable AvaTax tax calculation in Dynamics GP?


I need to disable AvaTax tax calculation in Dynamics GP?


Microsoft Dynamics GP


  • ​​To fully disable AvaTax calculation
    • Login to GP with SA admin
    • Navigate to the Avatax settings
      • Tools > Setup > System > Avalara AvaTax, and then click Configuration.
    • Click on the Tax Calculation tab
    • Click 'Disable Tax Calculation'
  • To partially disable AvaTax calculation
    • There is no setting that will disable AvaTax tax calculation for Orders, Quotes, Invoices, Memos.
      • To prevent certain types of transactions from calculating tax, you can remove the AvaTax tax schedule and mark the transaction as non-taxable or exempt.
      • Steps to remove the AvaTax Tax Schedule ID
        • Click the blue arrow to the right of the Customer ID in the Sales Transaction Entry screen.
        • Remove the AVATAX Tax Schedule ID, select a non-AvaTax tax schedule, and Save.
        • Repeat for all lines
    • If you want to prevent Receivables transactions from using AvaTax, there is a setting for this. 
      • Go to Microsoft Dynamics GP icon > Tools > Setup > System > AvaTax > Configuration > Tax Calculation
      • Uncheck the box next to "Avalara integration for Receivables Transaction entry"


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