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How do I resolve the "AVA_BSDUpload class compilation error" in Dynamics AX Retail?


You received a compilation error for Ava_BSDUpload in Avalara AOT class. As a result, the class is unable to generate it's .dll and AvaTax for Retail is unable to find it (because it is not generated).


AvaTax for Microsoft Dynamics AX Retail 

SGI / Columbus


Steps to resolve the "Ava BSD compilation: error" issue:

  1. Copy Microsoft.Web.Services3.dll and Avalara.AvaTax.Services.Proxies.Public.dll to the /bin folder in both the AOS server and the client. 
  2. Go To AOT. 
  3. Go to Classes > Ava_BSDUpload and change the class's RunOn property from Client to Called from
  4. Compile the Ava_BSDUpload class.
  5. Generate Incremental CIL.

The expected .dll is now available in the /bin folder in both the server and the client.

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