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Why am I getting a "Doc Status is invalid" error when trying to invoice from Microsoft Dynamics AX?


You want to know how to resolve the error "DocStatus is invalid" when posting transactions in Microsoft Dynamics AX.


Microsoft Dynamics AX


  • This error is caused by duplicate Invoice Numbers in the Admin Console

  • Verify the last posted DocCode in the Admin Console

    • If the Document Code is a duplicate, edit the invoice in the Admin Console and save it as uncommitted.  This will allow it to be overwritten by the call made from your ERP.

    • Then post again in Microsoft Dynamics AX

  • Check the Microsoft Dynamics AX number sequence
    • If the next sequence number is already present in the Admin Console, change the number in Microsoft Dynamics AX and post the transaction

Next steps

For more information, review the Microsoft Dynamics AX user guide.

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