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Where can I find my efile credentials?


You want to know where you can look up your e-file password.


Avalara Returns


  • Log into the Admin Console > Tax Returns tab > Filing Calendar > Active Filing Calendar Click on the jurisdiction in question
    • Efile Username 
    • Efile Password
  • If you are an SST filer, Avalara does not use your efile username and password and will not have this information on file
    • All we need to file is your SST ID number


Note: We have the login information provided by you for forms which we file electronically unless we use our own credentials to file in that particular state. All information you have provided to Avalara is listed in these forms. If the login and/or password fields in a filing calendar are blank we do not have this information. Contact the tax authority for that jurisdiction to obtain your credentials, see E-file Registration for a list of websites and required information.



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