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How can I get an extension to keep my liability worksheet unlocked?


You have realized that adjustments need to be made to the liability worksheet and may require it to be kept unlocked past the 10th.


Avalara Returns


  • Contact support to request an extension to keep the liability worksheet unlocked past the 10th.
    • The latest the liability worksheet can be unlocked is 5PM PST on the 12th, even if the 12th falls on a holiday or weekend. 
  • There is a fee associated with this request, fee varies and will be communicated by our Reconciliations team once the request is reviewed, prior to execution.
  • Please Note that Periods that have been filed already by Avalara Cannot be unlocked.
    • If your filing calendar has already been approved or the locking deadline of 5PM PST  on the 10th has passed, a separate request of unlocking the worksheet will need to be made.

Next steps

To learn how to manage your liability worksheet, attend the Liability Worksheet webinar.