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How do I read the rate files?


You want more information on the rate file format so you can read the Avatax ISPI Rate files.




  • MS Access files have headers which describe what each column is for
  • The csv and the flat rate (without commas) files require a rate layout and header file, attached here
    • If your file has commas, use the CSV File Layout tab to view column positions
    • If you have the 'flat' rate file, without commas or delimitation, use the Fixed File Layout tab
  • The tab called 'Rate File Header' will allow you to import your rate file (CSV or Flat) and view the file in the columns.
    • If you have the DIMASYS file for Infor, there is a specific tab for that.
    • Justthebasics+ and MS Access files have the header within the rate file. 
  • If you purchase the zip+4 file, to view the layout for the file, please use the tab called Zip plus 4 Header File,
  • The file with rate information will be named ''
  • The file with the zip+4 will be named
  • In order to use the above mentioned attachment, you will need to import the file into Excel
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