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How do I download and update my rate tables?


I am unsure how to download and update my rate tables, how do I do this?


Rate Tables



  • Each month you will receive an email from ISPI/Avalara to let you know that there is an update for your rates available (generally sent from the 25th -> 31st).
  • Visit to log in.
  • Once logged in you will want to download the and

NOTE: There is a last date modified which will let you know when the last time that file was updated. If you think the file has not been updated to the current rates please check this date first and if you have any further questions contact support at 1-877-222-0187 or email us at


  • Back up your old rate tables.
  • Replace your old rate tables with the freshly downloaded tables
  • If you run SQL you will need to purge all the old information before importing the new rates.
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