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How do I add an Annual return for a state registration active only part of the year?


You just registered with a new state to collect sales tax, and the date you need to start filing is not January 1st, but this is the only option you see for adding an Annual return in your Filing Calendar. 


Avalara Returns


  • This matters if you have sales in your Admin Console from prior to your registration with the state that you do not want reported to the state on your annual return.  
  • On the Tax Returns tab, click Manage Filing Calendars
    • Click Jurisdictions without a Filing Calendar and select the state to start the process
  • Select Annual Filing Frequency, even though the start date is January 1 (or later, depending on state)
  • Please put at comment in the Notes field with the date you would like the filing calendar to be active and why.
    • Our compliance team will see this note and adjust the start date accordingly prior to making it an Active filing calendar.

Next steps

For more information, read use the Returns filing calendar.