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Why am I getting error Unable to retrieve PDF file... in CertCapture?


You are attempting to fill out a certificate online but after you have filled out all requested information an alert appears and you cannot complete the certificate: 

Certificate generations failed with: ""Unable to retrieve PDF file. Could not determine correct template due to incorrect template name or type."". Override the onCertFailure callback to implement your own functionality.  


Avalar CertCapture


  • Choose an Exemption Reason and a Business Description that match each other, for example:
    • "Purchase will be used in manufacturing activities" and "Manufacturing"
    • "Purchase will be used by a non-profit organization" and "Nonprofit organization"
  • The exemption reason chosen in Step 3: Select Reason for Exemption is not applicable for the Business Description chosen on the next page, go back and correct the exemption reason or the business description, as needed


Note: Business descriptions are based on the form chosen, for example, if you try to choose that you are an exempt organization, but then state your business is manufacturing, that exemption reason and business do not match, so this error appears.