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How to troubleshoot NetSuite Errors with the CertCapture buttons?


What to do when the CertCapture buttons in NetSuite are not working properly


NetSuite Basic

NetSuite OneWorld


  • Make sure you are on latest Avalara bundle version.
    • Login as administrator
    • Navigate to Customization > SuiteBundler > Search & Install Bundles > List
    •  Locate Avalara bundle and click on green icon in first column and click on Update. 
    •  Select defaults and update. Time to complete is approximately 5 minutes
    • Logout and the login back in to complete process
  • In addition please check the following. 
    • Look at  the request templates in Certcapture> there should be one that is STANDARD_REQUEST it has to be those exact words to work with the connector.
      • If there is not one there edit or create one and retry in Netsuite
    • If that does not resolve it then check to see if a communication mode is selected in Netsuite.
      • This is found on the Customer Record, under the Addresses tab.
      • Select an address and the Communication Mode should be populated with Email, Phone, or Address.