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How do I resolve error "Multiple 'Sales Tax Adjustment' line not allowed" in NetSuite?


You are creating a credit memo, when you attempt to calculate tax you receve "Multiple 'Sales Tax Adjustment' line not allowed"




Ensure you only have one item on the Credit 

    • The only item on the credit must be "Sales Tax Adjustment", with a rate and amount of 0.
    • The Tax Credit field just above the lines should be populated with the tax amount that is to be credited.
      • When you enter the Tax Credit amount, it must be a positive number. Once the transaction is sent to AvaTax it will show as a negative amount.
  • Fill out any other required fields for your Credit Memo form and save.
  • Note that you may need to create the credit memo separately, as opposed to creating it directly from the invoice. 

Note: The sales tax adjustment item needs to be set up as a non inventory item for this to work.  Also, do not add extra characters (ex. asterisk, quotes, etc.) to "Sales Tax Adjustment". Doing so will cause the sales tax adjustment item to not work. 

  • If you still experience this error after following these steps, upgrade to the latest AvaTax connector build. 

Next steps 

For more information, see How do I add a tax only credit in Netsuite?