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How do I resolve 'This Document has use AvaTax Services...Please contact the Administrator' in NetSuite OneWorld?


You are creating an invoice and tax is not calculating due to the following "This Document has use AvaTax Services. Tax Calculation call to AvaTax Service Failed. Please contact the Administrator."


NetSuite OneWorld


  • There is no Tax Code set to "AVATAX". 
    • Ensure the tax item is set to "AVATAX" on the customer card 
    • Ensure the line item has "AVATAX" on the invoice 
      • Enable 'Per Line Taxes on Transactions' in NetSuite. Go to Setup > Company > Setup Taxes.
      • Once 'Per Line Taxes on Transactions' is enabled. Create a brand-new Sales Order/Invoice. Do not copy an existing Sales Order/Invoice.
      • Native NetSuite 'Tax' column on line item on invoice will be replaced with 'Tax Code' column.