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Why is the certificate not updated in AvaTax from Avalara CertCapture?


You have an order for a customer and even though there is a valid certificate, tax is still being calculated.




  • Go to the certificate in CertCapture and click Queue API Resend
  • Go to the History tab on the certificate in CertCapture to see if there was any issue

Note: The certificate is sent to AvaTax in a process which works in the background of CertCapture, if there is any issue with the certificate once processed, it will show in the History tab. The API send of the certificate is still in process until a Success or Failure message appears in History.


You may also send all certificates by going to Search > Certificate Search from the Dashboard. (This will be necessary if you have certificates in CertCapture before you connect the account to your AvaTax account.)

  • To send all certificates at once, do not include any filters in the search and click on the blue Get Results button at the bottom of the page.
  • Click on the Perform Action on Results drop down menu and select Bulk API Resend and follow the onscreen prompts.

Note: A large number of certificates (several thousand) may take a while.