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What is a DocumentRefNo and why is it required in CertCapture?


You see an error asking for DocumentRefNo but can't see where to enter it in CertCapture:

API call initiated for certificate: Failure. Received response: DocumentRefNo is required. (This value must be specified.)


Avalara CertCapture

Avalara AvaTax


  • This error refers to the certificate being marked as single use and missing the PO Number
  • Enter the PO or remove Single Use to get the certificate to send to Avalara AvaTax:
    • To remove the Single Use attribute click Edit > select Single Use “No
    • To add the PO number click + Add PO Number to add the invoice or PO number which will be on all sales that need to be exempted by these certificates.
    • You can use only one PO/Invoice number (only one PO will be used on the certificate)





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