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If I do a customer import in CertCapture with existing customers, will it duplicate or ignore them?


You are doing a bulk customer import in CertCapture, but want to know if having already-existing customers in the file will cause them to be duplicated, or ignored.


Avalara CertCapture


On a bulk import that has existing customers on it, the information on the import file will override what was in CertCapture for that customer previously.

  • List the existing customer number in the first column to overwrite the current customer information and maintain any previously linked certificates.
    • If you update the customer and change a value -- like deleting a required address field -- you may get an error next time you sync.
    • A ShipTo that is linked to a BillTo certificate is based on the state where the ShipTo address is located, so that is an exception. If you change the ShipTo customer address state, the certificate linked would indirectly change.
  • Importing using a customer number that is not in use will always create a new customer. The new customer will not have any certificates linked to them unless they are created as a ShipTo and linked to a Bill To.