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How do I reactivate my locked account?


You account has been locked from too many failed log-in attempts


Avalara CertCapture


  • Logging in with an incorrect password multiple times locks your account, contact the account admin at your company to have your account re-enabled
    • If you are the only account admin and your profile is locked, please submit a case to Support,  requesting your user be unlocked, confirming you are the only active account admin.
    • If there is no active account admin use, submit a case to Support.
    • To submit a case to our Support team, please fill out this online form:

    • Support will work with you to collect a request on a letter on your corporate letterhead.
      • Must be sent from/signed by a company executive (include the title of the individual signing the communication)
      • Must include "account admin user XXX is no longer here, change CertCapture email address to XXX and reset the password so we may access the account admin user" 


​​​Note: Account admins: go to Global Admin > Manage Users > find the user who is locked and click Reset (between Assign Companies and Remove) on the line with their username > a password is sent to them and their Status is changed to Active.



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