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How do I link my CertCapture account with my Admin console?


You use CertCapture and AvaTax. You want to link CertCapture and AvaTax, so AvaTax can exempt your customers' transactions from tax.





  • In AvaTax, go to the Admin ConsoleOrganization Exemptions (certificate icon)
    • If you do not see Exemptions, turn on exemption certificate viewing: Enable ECMS 
  • Click Configure Integration with Avalara CertCapture
    • Select Enabled > enter CertCapture Client ID (In CertCapture go to Company Settings > Company Details> click Save
  • Have someone with Account Admin level access to both the Admin Console and CertCapture email Avalara Support to have the sync initiated, include:

    • Account number of your Admin Console

    • Name of the Admin Console  company(s)

    • Name of the CertCapture company(s)

    • Specify whether for Production or Development