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How do I add a single use certificate in CertCapture?


You have a customer with an exemption that should only apply on certain sales based on the purchase order (PO) or invoice.


Avalara CertCapture


  • Add the invoice or PO number to the certificate:
    • Open the certificate > Details tab "PO Numbers" click +Add PO Number > type PO or Invoice number > click +Add PO Number
    • In Validation > check Single Use > Click next.PNG) > type PO or Invoice in Certificate PO Numbers
  • Once the certificate is updated in the Admin Console (Queue API Resend to send or wait for automatic send) we will only exempt a sale with that number listed as the PO or the DocCode


Note: If the customer has another exemption for the same state, we will make the transaction exempt using that certificate when the PO or DocCode does not match the PO Number.