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How Do I Send Multiple Certificate Requests at Once?


You would like to send out multiple certificate requests at once.


Avalara CertCapture


  • Sending a mailout using a Campaign request sends a certificate request to multiple customers at once.
  • Create the Campaign
    • Using Customer Search (on the Search tab) pull up the customer records you want to edit 
      • You can search for customers with a particular attribute (in a certain state, etc.), or enter the customer numbers in the search fields. 
    • Click on "Perform Action On Results..." then select "Start Campaign"
      • This opens the Prepare Customer Certificate Campaign​ page
    • Make your desired selections in the Campaign Settings 
      • Delivery​​ - This is where you can choose the Method, Name your Campaign, and select the Cover Letter
      • Scheduling​ - This is where you can choose when to send 
      • File Content Options - This is where you can choose​ Exemption Reasons, and additional customer attributes, etc. 
    • Make sure to note the name of your Campaign 
    • Click Prepare Certificate Campaign to compile it for review 
  • Review the Campaign and Send the Requests
    • Click on the Requests tab then select Campaigns 
      • Find your Campaign listed by Name (it is likely Processing
      • When it is completely processed, click View to review which requests will be sent:
        • ​Requests that will be sent appear in normal text 
        • Requests for states that will not be sent appear in Italics with the reason why 
      • You will also see three tabs
        • ​​Mailout Info - Shows Title, Creator and the Mailout Criteria in summary
        • Print - You can download the requests for your reference
        • Send E-Mails - Send the emails by going to the Send E-Mails tab and clicking Send Certificate Requests​
        • To send the requests, go to the Send E-Mails​ tab and click Send Certificate Requests

For A Walk-Me that gives a step by steps instructions in CertCapture please click here