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How Are My Certificates and Exemptions Calculated?


You want to know how the numbers on your CertCapture dashboard for certificates are calculated.




  • In the CertCapture rolling dashboard display for your company, there are live certificate counts that are updated each time a record is saved. The numbers correspond to these items:

Total Number of Certificates - Sum of exemption certificates that have document images plus certificates that do not have document images. 


Certificates with Images - Number of exemption certificates that have document images.


The number under Certificates with Images should align with your Avalara Account usage under Documents Stored (shown below). Note that certificate counts in Avalara Account are updated periodically and are not live, so you could see a discrepancy in the totals between CertCapture and Avalara Account.



  • To find certificates with or without document images, go to Search > Certificate Search and use option Supporting Document Exists? in the search criteria.


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